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Wellington area specialists in both training for car licences and  motor cycle riding training with "Basic Handling Skills" course - The courses have been designed as a pre-requitite for riders  to obtain their motorbike learner licence and/or car driving licence.

In particular, we embrace riders and drivers of all skill levels, that is new drivers/riders who have never controlled any vehicle before to doing refresher courses for confident or aged  drivers.

Click on a photo to go to area of interest for coaching or testing

The very latest in High - Technology and driver safety.. A bit of fun to drive as well...

Our "NEW" state of the art dual controlled training vehicle is top of the range, can accommodate the biggest driver to the smallest in comfort and with great visibility for absolute safety.  With its wheels close to the 4 corners its a breeze to control with safely under most conditions.

To further enhance driver saftey the training vehicles have are safety fitted with full  "curtain style" airbags and have full concealed side impact bars in the doors. This model is manufactured to provide the highest level of safety for both drivers and passengers


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